Rial Chocolates focuses on sustainability

Since its inception, some years ago, at Rial Chocolates we have fully subscribed to the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that in 2015 the member states of the UN, together with NGOs and citizens from all over the world, generated a proposal to develop them . These seventeen goals seek to achieve three dimensions of sustainable development in a balanced manner: the economic, social and environmental spheres.

At Rial Chocolates we think that corporate social responsibility and sustainability are more than a trend. Because, at Rial Chocolates they are a reality. Clients and society in general know that the protection of the planet also represents the protection that we are going to offer to future generations.

At Rial Chocolates we have changed suppliers:  

  1. One of these suppliers are the cardboard manufacturers that display the FSC eco label on all products.
  2. The other suppliers are the manufacturers of the bags that wrap their delicious Albons with caramelized almonds covered with chocolate. These bags are biocompostable, which means that the material with which they are made is born from the earth and returns to the earth.
    Previously, the bags were made of polypropylene. A petroleum derivative.

Both decisions, in addition to guaranteeing the protection of the environment, improve manufacturing processes, shorten workflows and add value to the company as a whole.

Our commitment is to continue working for the good of the planet. For achieving the highest quality of our products and for providing benefits to society.

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