Ukraine Campaign

Rial Chocolates, SL. (RCSL), has launched the Help Ukraine campaign by appealing to its clients, to help Ukrainian families who have had to emigrate from their country because of the war.

For this, RCSL has signed an agreement with Cruz Roja. In this agreement RCSL makes public its commitment to deliver thirty percent of the sales obtained through the Campaign We Help Ukraine, for the duration of this campaign.

RCSL estimates that this campaign may last until early this summer. Moment in which the production of chocolate stops, to preserve the quality of its products.

RCSL estimates that up to 30,000 euros per month could be raised. Which, if confirmed, would encourage us to continue with the campaign We help Ukraine at the return of summer.

The company

RIAL CHOCOLATES was born from the union of two professional chocolatiers passionate about chocolate with the mission of bringing this little great pleasure to the public. Its long history and experience in the world of chocolate or caramel-coated almond and dried fruit bonbons have led to the creation of RIAL CHOCOLATES.

In addition, they recently began the process of internationalizing the brand in Europe and Africa. Although turnover is still low, coinciding with the end of the pandemic, its own international market is expected to stabilize, until it reaches a consolidated position that provides a high volume of turnover.

Other important objectives for RCSL are to be in constant communication with customers, always trying to satisfy their needs, and also to be persistent in the development and innovation of new products.


Seville, April 18, 2022

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