Rial Chocolates promotes the Bulk Product Sales Campaign

  • Rial Chocolates offers to consume a selection of its best
  • Large customers and also medium and small ones stock up on our products during these dates to ensure their stocks for the summer.
  • This year’s campaign is full of surprises.

Rial Chocolates, SL. has launched the Bulk Product Sale campaign for its customers, encouraging them to stock up for the summer and to serve local customers and those who enjoy their vacations.

The Bulk Product Sale campaign offers an interesting discount of 20%, a voucher of 10 euros for a bulk purchase of more than 40 euros, before June 20, and free shipping.

Among them are also the products awarded by the Great Taste. Below, we reproduce the comments of the judges of the Great Taste 2020 contest.

Andalusian rose of Albons:

“Sweet attractions. The almonds are fresh with an excellent crunch. The rose flavor has also been used wisely, adding some nice floral notes to the white chocolate shell.”

Albons Pionono:

“These covered almonds look beautiful with their speckled, stone-like coating. The almonds have been roasted to bring out their rich, nutty flavor and have a wonderful crunch. The

Caramel adds an extra texture with some crunch and also introduces a lovely bitter note to balance with the smoothness and sweetness of creamy white chocolate.”

Rum Albons Honey:

“Clean and generous battered almonds. The almonds have kept their crisp freshness that gives it the character of chocolate, contrasting with the softer chocolate wrapper that ‘melts in your mouth’. The honey rum comes through wonderfully and lends a floral finesse to the chocolate, lightening it up. Bitter cocoa powder balances the sweetness of honey and cocoa butter. A delicious sweet treat after dinner.”

Grape Albons Volcanic Malvasia:

“These pale, clean, attractive, sugar-dusted almonds have a fruity, sweet, floral aroma. The almonds are beautifully toasted with a rich, nutty flavor and a satisfying crunch. Chocolate is smooth. sweet and creamy and has an almost saffron flavor with hints of fruit and honeysuckle. A sweet gift! »

Judged by 144 of the most discerning palates, including food critics, chefs, cooks, restaurateurs, buyers, retailers and producers, as well as food writers and journalists, Great Taste is the most coveted of all food and beverage awards. As well as a badge of honor, the distinctive black and gold Great Taste label is an indicator of an exceptional product, discovered through hours and hours of blind tasting.

This campaign will end on June 20, and the company hopes to increase its market share in the large and medium-sized segment.

The end of the pandemic, the arrival of good weather and the massive influx of tourists back to Spain suggests that this campaign will be a success.

The company

RIAL CHOCOLATES was born from the union of two professional chocolatiers passionate about chocolate with the mission of bringing this little great pleasure to the public. Its long history and experience in the world of chocolate or caramel-coated almond and nut bonbons have led to the creation of RIAL CHOCOLATES.

In addition, they recently began the process of internationalizing the brand in Europe and Africa. Although turnover is still low, coinciding with the end of the pandemic, its own international market is expected to stabilize, until it reaches a consolidated position that provides a high volume of turnover.

Other important objectives for Rial Chocolates are to be in constant communication with customers, always trying to satisfy their needs, and also to be persistent in the development and innovation of new products.

June 1, 2022


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