Flavors of Spring 2022 Campaign

· Rial Chocolates offers to consume a selection of its best products in spring.

· Rial Chocolates, will promote the products most in demand by its customers in spring.

Rial Chocolates, SL. has launched the Spring Flavors campaign for its customers, encouraging the consumption of a selection of its most popular products.

The Flavors of Spring campaign consists of two batches of products that are sold separately.

Both lots are offered with an interesting 20% ​​discount and free shipping. They are two very well selected lots from among the most demanded products in this season of the year.

This campaign will end on May 31, and the company hopes to increase its market share in the domestic customer segment.

The end of the pandemic, the arrival of good weather and the massive influx of tourists back to Spain suggests that the campaign will be a success.

Check the 2 packs that we present to know the terms and more details:



The company

RIAL CHOCOLATES was born from the union of two professional chocolatiers passionate about chocolate with the mission of bringing this little great pleasure to the public. His long career and experience in the world

of almond bonbons and nuts covered in chocolate or caramel, have given rise to the creation of RIAL CHOCOLATES.

In addition, they recently began the process of internationalizing the brand in Europe and Africa. Although turnover is still low, coinciding with the end of the pandemic, its own international market is expected to stabilize, until it reaches a consolidated position that provides a high volume of turnover.

Other important objectives for RCSL are to be in constant communication with customers, always trying to satisfy their needs, and also to be persistent in the development and innovation of new products.

May 10, 2022


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