Rial Chocolates celebrates International Environment Day

At Rial Chocolates we know that it is companies and also people who make the Environment healthy. Companies invest in improving systems. But, in the world there are 7,753 million people. At Rial Chocolates we left Just in time behind to focus on continuous improvement processes (Eliyahu M. Goldratt). In

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Rial Chocolates promotes the Bulk Product Sales Campaign

Rial Chocolates offers to consume a selection of its best Large customers and also medium and small ones stock up on our products during these dates to ensure their stocks for the summer. This year’s campaign is full of surprises. Rial Chocolates, SL. has launched the Bulk Product Sale campaign

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Rial Chocolates at the forefront of sustainability

Rial Chocolates reaches the degree of sustainable company. The packaging used in all Rial Chocolates products is sustainable. A few years ago, at Rial Chocolates we fully subscribed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that in 2015 the member states of the UN, together with NGOs and citizens from

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